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It seems that most, if not all, plants contain compounds which are not necessary for the life of the plant itself, but which are present, rather, as a means of interacting with other species. Flavors, aromas and colors of fruit stimulate animals to eat the fruit and spread the seed; conversly, bitter flavors, irritants and toxins discourage animals from eating the foliage and other parts of some plants. Countless useful products have been derived from plant sources by aboriginal people, and by modern scientists and amateurs.

While screening plant material for anti-cancer activity at Purdue U., Dr. Jerry McLaughlin discovered that extracts of the Pawpaw plant are highly active in biological systems. The ongoing research by Dr. McLaughlin and others has now culminated in products which make the unique bio-chemicals of the Pawpaw available to all, in effective, standardized products.

Who can know why these compounds, of such extraordinary usefulness are present in pawpaws? We can only be grateful to the Creator that they are there, and that people have discovered how to use them!

Perhaps the most exciting use of Pawpaw products is in fighting cancer. Pawpaw Cell-Reg is particularly useful in helping people whose cancers have developed resistance to multiple chemotherapy agents.

Pawpaw extracts have also proven useful against insects and fungal diseases which harm garden plants.

Many parasites and fungal diseases which affect people also succumb to Pawpaw products! The Pawpaw Lice Shampoo, for instance, may be used effectively against acne and athlete's foot.


A study done in Guadeloupe, French West Indies, has shown that the neurological disorder, atypical parkinsonism occurs in people who over time consumed herbal tea and fruit of some tropical Annonacae, relatives of the Pawpaw. Leaves, seeds and bark of these plants contain benzyltetrahydroisoquinolines, compounds that induced parkinsonism in animal experiments. Further studies are needed to confirm this possible link.
In order to avoid this harmful side effect of consuming pawpaw extract, Pawpaw Cell-Reg is made by first taking a water extract, and discarding it, then taking further extracts with other solvents. You may be confident that Pawpaw Cell-Reg is safe.
We do not recommend that anyone consume a tea, (water extract), of any parts of the Pawpaw plant, unless they are aware of and prepared to assume the risk of possible neurological damage.

Reference: Caparros-Lefebvre D et al - Lancet - 1999; 354: 281-286

The Pawpaw plant, Asimina triloba, and is tropical relatives, the Annonacae, are loaded with bio-active compounds which have been demonstrated to have with many uses in pharmacy and pest control. Standardized preparations of Pawpaw extracts are now available for use against cancer, head lice, and intestinal parasites, and many other ailments, parasites, and pests. For further explanation, please see the scientific paper, and its references. In the web pages and scientific paper which these links will open, you may read "cancer cells" wherever it says "specific cells".

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